'Bees' (CC-licensed)
'Bees' (CC-licensed)

This wiki is to support the educational community.

The idea is to replicate Lifehacker's excellent Hive Five idea, but for educational software, tools and services. An archive of all the tweets with the hashtag #eduhivefive is maintained at http://twapperkeeper.com/eduhivefive/

How it works

  1. Weekly question asked in the format "What's the best x for y?"
  2. Educators respond via Twitter including their suggestion, the hashtag #eduhivefive, the custom tag for that week (and optional link back here **http://bit.ly/eduhivefive** )
  3. Results are collated and the top five named.

This week: "What's the best online tool for collaborative writing?"

Please respond using the steps above. The custom hashtag this week is #writing

(closes 12pm GMT 20 December 2009)

Suggestions so far:
  1. Revizr
  2. Moodle forums
  3. Moodle wiki module
  4. Wallwisher
  5. Google Docs
  6. Acrobat.com (formerly Buzzword)
  7. Twitter (with #hashtag channels)
  8. Posterous group blog
  9. Wordle
  10. Writewith

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